News from the reunion.

Tag fund projects funded:
01, Greenwood Confederate Cemetery Confederate Monument,Calhoun Rifles Camp #1855…..$4,473.
02-Casted aluminum replacement carriage for the GMI Memorial cannon at Marietta Confederate Cemetery…$4,500.
03-Bronze Confederate Soldier Monument $18,500.
04-Jefferson David Memorial Park pavilion ice machine, Jefferson Davis Cowboys Camp #683, $2,384.
05-Fund the Georgia Confederate newspaper $14,000 . All funded with monies from the Georgia Tag fund.

Division election officers, all current officers re-elected for two years.

Amendment changes:
01-giving more flexibility in convention date between the 1st and 2nd Saturday in June, passed.
02-changes in time allowed for being a candidate for division office, failed for lack of 2/3rds majority.
Proposed resolution by Mr. Barry Colbaugh , camp #670 for the Georgia Division to seek from the state of Georgia transferring the six Confederate Cemeteries maintained by the state to being maintained by the Georgia Division, tabled. It was pointed out the cost and labor involved.